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RAH Liver Disease Viral Hepatits


The Hepatology Clinic services patients with with symptoms and diseases

associated with the liver including:

The clinic is serviced by experienced Hepatologists, dedicated specialist nurses and fellows

Liver Clinic - Triage and referral guidelines

There is also a Fibroscan clinic three times per week

Fibroscan Referral Form

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C treatment can be done without a hospital appointment. CALHN offers support with managing your patient in the community via the two options below:

  1. Complete the RAH Hepatitis C Remote consultation request form and fax to: (08) 7074 2194. Alternatively you can send to our outpatient triage fax: (08) 7074 6247 for review. Contact will be made once the form is reviewed and approved by a hepatologist. 

  2. The HealthElink study is a prospective multicentre trial involving tertiary hospitals in South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria in conjunction with referring GP’s.

HealthElink is a web based platform that will allow you to receive treatment management advice from your tertiary care team in real time.  This includes a hepatologist and hepatology nurse consultant.  The long term aim of this platform is to enable easier and faster access to specialist care for your patients. If you are interested in this method of consultation please login at

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