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RAH Outpatient Waiting Area


The IBD service assesses and manages patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

The team is comprised of Gastroenterologists, dedicated specialist nurses, fellows, dietitians and a psychologist.

There is a strong emphasis on a multi-disciplinary treatment approach with regular meetings involving the team, Colorectal Surgeons, Pathologists and Radiology.

IBD Helpline

Telephone and email support, managed by the IBD nurse specialists, is offered to all patients seen through the IBD clinic.


Update to IBD Helpline capability


Dear Patient,

We are experiencing demand for our assistance that outweighs our resources. We need to prioritise our resources into patient issues which are urgent and disease threatening. Therefore, there are some issues we will not be able to respond to within our resource limitations so that we can prioritise advice line care to those who need it most. 

There may be delays in our response time. If you require urgent assistance, or if your enquiry does not fall into the category below, you may need to consult your GP or present to the emergency department. 


This email helpline is to assist with: 

  • Symptoms suggestive of flare of IBD

  • Issues related to your biological or immune suppressant medication


Please be aware of the following:

  • We cannot assist with requests for prescriptions (apart from Biologic medications). Please see your GP and/or ensure your receive scripts for your IBD medications at your IBD appointment

  • We cannot assist with request for blood/stool test forms. Please see your GP and ensure you receive these at your IBD appointment

  • We cannot supply routine test results. You will be notified if there are concerns which need further discussion with you. Furthermore, your GP receives all results and you may make an appointment to discuss these. 

  • For all COVID advice, please consult your GP.

  • COVID vaccines: We recommend all our patients receive the COVID vaccine according to Australian government guidelines. The timing of the vaccines is NOT dependent on timing of your medication administration (including infusions) APART from prednisolone where we would recommend delaying until taking 10mgs or less.

  • If your enquiry is about your IBD appointment, please contact the IBD project officer on 70742203


Thank you for your understanding, as we try to deliver the best service we can to our patients with IBD within our resources

It is the best point of contact for the IBD team.


phone: 0418 610 550

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